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You Are Special – Do You Know Why?

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

Do you know why you are special? ‘The difference between you and everyone else is, everyone else. And that’s a lot, so you should feel special.’ This quote by Jarod Kintz is so powerful that you immediately begin to feel that there is something about you, something that you do not know yourself. Maybe the people around you – family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and husband/wife know that about you and that is exactly why they are with you.

Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, a great motivational speaker who won the world championship for Public Speaking has pearls of wisdom that make you think a lot about yourself.

While holding a rose in his hand, he says, ‘You and I are not very different from this flower. Just like this flower is unique, you are unique. All of us have something special that makes us as beautiful. Do you know why you are special?’

Now he agrees that the answer to that question isn’t very easy to find. No matter how educated and well-rounded we are, there are times when we feel lost, unable to understand ourselves.

And this is where we falter in life, when we don’t realize that all of us are unique, in our own little ways. However, there is a difference between being unique and different. For instance, there are many people who commit crimes, just to be different, but that would only be termed as ‘foolish’, instead of being ‘unique’.

In addition, there are several people who think that it’s cool to follow great people, but unfortunately, they forget the struggle these great men and women had to put in, to get where they are. For instance, we all know that Bill Gates was a college dropout, but if you quit school, just because he did, that would be mighty dumb, isn’t it?

Don’t fool yourself into following great people, because what makes them great is the way they held themselves even when they were utterly lost. I agree that there are some amazing people who never backed down and never gave up in life, no matter how tough their situations were. They rose and conquered their challenges against all odds and proved everyone wrong.

However, they didn’t follow anyone, and instead they followed their own heart. They didn’t become a part of the crowd because they knew that they were special and were destined to achieve great things. Do you feel that you can vanquish all your adversities and do something so stunning it could dazzle everyone?

If so, follow your heart and find out what makes you special, because trust me, even you have the ability to make a mark in other people’s lives and because you too, can become a motivation for others around you.