Worst First Date Ever

My Divine Worst First Date Ever

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This woman was incredible – exactly what a man could really want, at first glance of course. I could have never have imagined that it would turn out to be my worst first date ever.

When I scrolled across this woman’s dating profile, my jaw hit the floor. She was a complete dime piece, which in regular terms means that she was the sexiest woman that I have ever laid eyes on, painfully delicious.

As I scanned through her profile, I was even more enthused to meet her as she had a master degree, a successful career, liked to stay active, had no kids but wanted them one day but was also in no rush… And the whole nine yards.

I’ve always been the kind of guy who could get any girl to go home with me. My buddies in college called me, ‘The Ultimate Wheeler’.

I had the ability to smooth talk almost any girl into going home with me. It isn’t necessarily a talent that I am proud of today, post college as I am now hoping to find a good, intelligent woman to start a life with, but needless to say, meeting women has never been my problem.

However, now, it’s meeting the kind of girls you want to take home to meet mom and pops that is hard to come across.Worst First Date Ever 2 worst first date My Divine Worst First Date Ever Worst First Date Ever 2

This is exactly why I started to look online. I needed to widen my horizons, and I knew it was the right move when I came across this one particular woman.

I instantly turned on my smoothness, that was genuine and not cocky (that’s the secret), and with a few inbox messages shot back and forth, she agreed to let me take her out for dinner.

Yes, she was allowing me to take her out. I love a woman who let’s a man play the part. So, we scheduled a time for me to pick her up (chivalry is not dead) and take her to a restaurant of her choice for the evening.

I can’t believe that I am going to admit this but I was actually nervous about meeting this girl, and I’m never nervous. After all, I’m the Ultimate Wheeler.