Why Women Cheat

She Cheated on Me! Top 5 Wicked Reasons Why Women Cheat

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#4: I Cheated Because I Was Unhappy

One of the explanations that women present for having cheated on their men is that they lost the peace in the relationship and that their men used to fight with them a lot. It is not hard to imagine that all of this can really lead a woman to stop feeling pleased with her relationship.

When a woman is not happy with her relationship or just does not feel at home with him, then there is a high chance that she will break the shackles and head elsewhere for sexual pleasure.

If you are a man who fights with your woman a lot then you will be at loss of words when your wife explains to you that a friend that she made makes her very comfortable and understands her.

You might be aghast and express your displeasure. In such instances, the man usually gets angry and proclaims how much he loved her and how her adultery has disturbed him.

However, you need to think about why your woman is no longer happy in the relationship. If she’s seeking the company of other men and isn’t guilty about it, there is something really wrong in your relationship.

It’s not an accident or a one-night stand where things can be forgotten quickly, but it’s a fact that the woman voluntarily indulged in the company of other men because she was dissatisfied in her relationship.

Of course, this is not to say that the woman isn’t wrong. She is definitely cheating the husband no matter what excuse she has, but the man who has been cheated has certainly a lot to think about.