Why Men Pull Away

Reasons Why Men Pull Away – How to Stop Him From Withdrawing

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#4: He’s Embarrassed to Admit Something to You

Who hasn’t had the ‘fun’ experience of being absolutely; excruciatingly embarrassed to admit something to someone they like or even love?  Where would rom coms and YA novels be without this singular sensation of utter embarrassment?

Of all the reasons why men pull away, this is easily the one that requires the lightest touch, understanding tones, and most careful approach on your part.  Again, recall that same sensation of embarrassment for yourself, and all the pain that can come with it.

There’s the fear of disappointing or disgusting others.  There’s the fact that you’re apt to wonder how you could ever have gotten yourself into this situation.  There’s the wondering how things can ever continue if they ever tell you what’s really on their mind.

Chances are they’ve been replaying this scenario over and over again in their minds, and have yet to find any way in which this ends well for them.

And the worst part of it all?  Not only might this admission of theirs not be their fault, it might not even be a bad thing!  It could be as innocuous as admitting that, yes, alright, they DO watch soap operas like Melrose Place (second Seinfeld reference of the article!) or something as important as admitting that…well, they have FEELINGS FOR YOU.

And as we’ve established, grappling with their feelings can be one of the big reasons why men pull away, and again, it’s not entirely their fault.  Society has certain expectations of masculinity, and sadly, ‘feelings’ don’t always mesh well with them.

As such, you’re going to need to at your most empathetic, cautious and caring here. Tread lightly.  Treat the situation as if you’re trying to coax a young dog at the pound to come near you—he may look and act like a fierce hound, but inside there’s every possibility he’s as timid and terrified as a newborn pup.