Why Men Pull Away

Reasons Why Men Pull Away – How to Stop Him From Withdrawing

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#2: He’s Getting Wary of Your Clinginess

Then again, there’s a difference between being there for someone and never letting them go.  There’s a fine line between caring and clinginess, and if you drift too far towards the latter option, it shouldn’t be too much of a mystery why men withdraw from you.

To be fair, there is nothing about clinginess that’s necessarily ‘gendered’—there’s every possibility that you might find your boyfriend or husband excessively doting or obsessive about your affairs.  It’s just as possible that they might find you cloistering and clingy.  In either event, this is one of big reasons why men pull away, actual or perceived clinginess and the threat to their being that comes with it.

Now, that may seem like a rather silly thing to be feel threatened by, and in one respect, it is.  Having someone care about your or show tenderness shouldn’t cause someone to suddenly feel disgust or anger at the idea of male machismo or manliness somehow being undermined by all that.

However, there is a world of difference between caring for someone and never letting them have a moment’s peace—or privacy.  That’s one of the great sins of clinginess, and why this is one of the more defensible reasons why men pull away.

If he feels his ‘manhood’ being threatened by your caring now and then, then that’s his problem.  On the other hand, if you are constantly interfering in his affairs, asking him about every little action, stick around him non-stop, and don’t afford him the kind of privacy and respect which is due to adults, then you’ve crossed over from caring into clinginess—and need to stop.