Why Men Pull Away

Reasons Why Men Pull Away – How to Stop Him From Withdrawing

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#1: He’s Suffering From Work-Related Stress

Work-related stress is just one reason why men pull away, and it’s unique on our list in being a reason why men withdraw that doesn’t have to do strictly with the fears or concerns relating directly to his personal life in general and the two of you in particular.  Instead, the cause of his being distant from you here is decidedly external.

And perhaps that’s one reason why men pull away when confronted by a problem such as problems at work—they wish to keep that world separate from their home life.

On the one hand, it’s tempting to cite the words of that all-seeing sage from Seinfeld, the one and only George Costanza and his eternal lament—’Worlds are colliding!’—at the idea of his fiancée and friends communicating.

On the other hand, however, work-related stress is no laughing matter, and studies show it on the rise in nations like America, where middle or working class citizens continue to feel the strain of keeping up in an economy that’s fast leaving them behind (and footing the bill.)

Society has drilled it into men’s heads that they should be the ‘breadwinners’ in a household, and while that’s a sexist assumption that cuts deep—and against both sexes—it nevertheless remains a reason why men pull away in relationships.

If they’re stressed, they may not want to spare you feeling the strain as well, and if they’re worried or embarrassed about finances or their professional performance, they may likewise wish to keep you from knowing.

We all cope with stress in different ways.  Let your partner know that he doesn’t have to shoulder the boulder alone, but remain respectful and understanding if, after a long day, he doesn’t want to relive and retell it to you.  Sometimes, just being there for one another can be enough.