Why Can't I Get Married

Why Can’t I Get Married?: 8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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Why can’t I get married? I’m always the one they date before they get married!’ We all have ‘that’ friend. A friend who has been in multiple long term relationships, but never gets married. On top of that, their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends always seem to find the one they marry directly after moving on from our friend.

What’s up with that?  Why does this happen? What is the person doing that makes each of their significant other move on to find the one that they want to marry? This article will take a look at this situation and try and shed some light on it.

Maybe this person is you? If you are you asking yourself ‘Why can’t I get married? ‘ then this article is for you. This article will require you to self-reflect. Remember, denying yourself the truth is doing nothing for you.

It may be hard, but look inside yourself and be honest. Facing the truth about how you feel and how you act in relationships is the first step to changing and growing.

I will write this ‘Why can’t I get married? ‘article as if I am addressing my friend with this issue. Please share this with anyone you know that may benefit.

You may find out the answer of ‘Why can’t I get married?’ Answering the following 8 questions