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What to do on New Year’s Eve: Singles Edition

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It can be easy to feel lonely come New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are a lot of great, what to do on New Year’s Eve, stop wondering and read on…

There are many holidays that can be difficult on singles.  Valentine’s Day springs immediately to mind, hence the unofficial, Internet-friendly, sarcasm-laden title, ‘Singles Awareness Day,’or ‘SAD.’ Thanksgiving can be a tough one to spend on your own, as can Christmas.

However, even those holidays can’t quite touch the solitary feeling of loneliness which hits home when you count down, pop that champagne, or simply watch the clock change from 11:59pm to 12:00am, as the sudden realization that last year is over, a new year has begun…

And even so, there you are, all alone. No one should be alone on New Year’s Eve.

And after all, what would be the fun in that, anyway?  New Year’s Eve is maybe the best holiday during the December holiday season in terms of the sheer ‘fun factor.”

Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day?  They can be a lot of fun, but a heck of a lot of work as well, what with the preparations and the cooking and the inevitable agonizing over what and when and how to buy-buy-buy, and that’s without the very real possibility of family drama.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is pure fun.  Fireworks, alcohol, parties, gossip, reminiscences and resolutions—and, if you’re lucky, a slight undercurrent and aura of romance in the air.

Maybe it’s the fact it’s cold out there and warm inside, body heat and all, or maybe it’s buzz in the air, the bubbly champagne, or the chemistry you sense between yourself and someone else which is itself all at once electric and intoxicating and exciting a thousand times over, but New Year’s Eve is a definite favorite as far as holiday’s go.

So, where can you keep those good feelings going and find a good place to ring in the New Year as an available single (and maybe change that last fact by the end of the night?).

From the general to the specific, here are just a few what to do on New Year’s Eve suggestions for singles looking to spice up their New Year’s Eve plans