What to Do for New Year’s Eve: Couples Edition

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#3: New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square

There’s no New Year’s celebration more iconic in the United States than the Times Square Ball Drop and day-long party in New York City.  The great thing about NYC and this option is that they both work no matter your partner’s disposition (unless, of course, they’re staunchly anti-Big Apple.)

If they’re a traditionalist, or are into more “classical” displays of romance, then the ball drop is a great choice—it has history, New York is about as steeped in history as a North American city can get, and the event itself has built itself up over the years, with a lot of pomp and circumstance as well as a good deal of light-hearted fun, meaning that no matter where they fall on that traditional spectrum, there’s bound to be something they’ll enjoy.

On the other hand, if they care for a more “alternative” scene, and care less about big sweeping displays of Americana or bristle at the idea of celebrating just because it’s a holiday, New York, again…is New York—unless they’re anti-big city or else love the majesty of nature or rural areas, chances are you’ll be able to find something for anyone there.

New York has a proud history of being home to some of the most alternative and groundbreaking alternative artistic and social scenes in the last century, meaning that if the traditional Ball Drop in Times Square doesn’t do the trick, a jaunt down to one of the more bohemian neighborhoods will, where the avante garde isn’t just accepted, but celebrated.

Again, a successful New Year’s evening is all about customization, and no city in North America offers quite so many options on that front as does New York.