What to Do for New Year’s Eve: Couples Edition

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#2: New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show 

There are two holidays in America which are closely associated with fireworks—New Year’s and Fourth of July.

Every December 31st, there are a ton of great fireworks shows, and chances are, your city or town is likely to have one as well, whether it’s part of a sporting event such as a baseball game or otherwise an independent showcase.

That being said, there are fireworks shows, and then there are fireworks shows, and if your partner’s in love with the spectacle and frequently festival-like atmosphere they bring, there are a few special fireworks shows which might be worth the travel.

Sydney is famous the world over for its New Year’s celebration, as it’s one of the first nations to ring in the New Year, and has a massive fireworks display near the Sydney Opera House.  Add other great New Year’s locales on the continent, such as Melbourne really is a go-to place if you are looking to impress your partner with an incredible getaway and New Years’ experience neither of you will soon forget.

One of the great things about fireworks displays is that they are not just a grand spectacle, but rather a “silent” one, in that while they obviously do go off with a pretty big bang, that sound surrounds you and is not as intricate or focus-demanding as, say, lyrics in a concert.

As such, fireworks create a great deal of ambience and allows for an intimate and romantic atmosphere between you and your partner.

Other cities with great displays include: Tokyo, London, Washington D.C. (specifically, near the Capitol and Washington Mall areas) and NYC, of course…speaking of which…