What Men Want In Bed

What Men Want in Bed but Are Afraid to Ask For

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When you think about what men want in bed, you automatically think dirty, right? Nope, this isn’t an article that focuses on a man’s physical needs, but it talks about how to actually set the mood.

Gone are the days when men liked passive women. Many men admit that they don’t mind taking the first step. More often than not, many men enjoy going for it first. It is also obvious that if women don’t go for it first, they will definitely take the first step.

However, they appreciate it immensely when women decide to take the first step and show men that they want them. Watching women begin a sexual act is what men want in bed, really.

They want this because they believe that if women initiate the relationship, then they are obviously desired.

No matter how much women seem to enjoy the actual act, men will not think they want sex unless women show them that not having sex bothers them