What Men Find Attractive In Women

Irresistible Woman! What Men Find Attractive in Women

In Dating Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

#5: What Guys Want   

Somewhere along the line as a species we seemingly decided, all over the world, that men were to have the final say at home and in the bedroom, and that women’s views on sex weren’t valid, or at least that they certainly couldn’t have an opinion on what they “liked” sexually, lest they be labeled a slut—or worse.

Slut shaming is a VERY real problem in the world today, and should be stopped.  Having your own ideas about what your own preferences are in bed not only shows, again, that you have a sense of confidence, excellence and, in such a hostile climate, even daring to you, but should likewise serve as your own personal litmus test as to whether or not this sexual relationship is worth pursuing.

After all, who cares if he’s attracted to you if the feeling—and relationship, sexual and otherwise—isn’t mutual?  You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of “liking” this or being “good” at that.  So long as you are both consenting adults, your wants and needs are just as valid as his…

And we should hope he’d find that opinion attractive.  What men find attractive in women today is a nuanced subject, but remember—what YOU find attractive counts just as much.