What Men Find Attractive In Women

Irresistible Woman! What Men Find Attractive in Women

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#2: Eye Contact Attraction

Following on the heels of that is yet another one of our fun little tips on what men find attractive in women today, namely, by showing them “you’re not afraid.”

This can take a few forms, not the least of which is the ability to stand out from the pack and hold your own should someone challenge you.  They may be rivals of yours, pettily sniping at you.  They may be boorish men who have no concept of tact or respect.

In either case, putting these rude and nasty people in their place is undeniably desirable in a woman.  Why?  Simply put, it’s a fantastic sign of fortitude, personality and intellect alike!  It means you can stand out, don’t back down when the going gets tough, that you have a touch of sass or spice, and that yours is a persona that isn’t easily cowed.

And the partners WORTH your time will want a strong partner who, likewise, isn’t afraid to tell them they’re wrong.  Where classless men might speak only in sordid come-ons and dirty pickup lines, these men will speak their mind—and, just as crucially, will be dying to hear you speak yours.