My Wedding Night Experience: Virgin Touched For The Very First Time…

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

I tasted the tip. Then my lips took him in, drowning him in pleasure. Slowly, my mouth swirled around him, making small circles and without wasting time, I took him in deeper.

I watched his eyes glaze as he was unable to contain the pleasure I was giving him. Emboldened, I continued, swallowing everything.

I worked faster now as my tongue worked on him, just as he had a few minutes ago. He grabbed my hair but I continued, mystified by the electricity in my body.

His body shook as he warned me, ‘I’m going to…’ but I continued as he came, quaking violently. I happily swallowed everything mindlessly as it was the most sensual moment of my life.

Watching him fall apart, just like I had, I worked my way up to his lips as he kissed me deeply.

Sated and content, I nuzzled up next to him, but he pushed me down, towering over me. He was not done, not yet anyway. I thought I was done as my body was limp but as he slid a finger inside me, my body reacted again.

I thrust my hips towards his fingers, eager to find friction. His finger worked fast now, making me cry and shift restlessly.

He removed his finger but slid two fingers again. Working in circles, his fingers drove me to a desire I had never known before.

Crying out, I clutched my breasts as I was about to come. Sensing that, he slowed down and as I gaped at him, he pushed himself inside me.

‘You’re so tight,’ he growled as I experienced immense pain and pleasure.

‘Tell me if it hurts you,’ he said, making me love him more as he thought about me even in his throes of passion.

He moved faster, thrusting himself inside me as my hips thrust against him. Our bodies worked together, as if we were meant for each other. The pain dissipated as the pleasure took over, making me senseless as he thrust himself deeper.

His body shook and his features hardened, making us both come at the same time. He lay on top of me for a while, panting breathlessly.

Our bodies soaked in sweat served as a reminder of the most intimate moments we had together.

We lay next to each other, happy and grinning widely.

Our wedding night experience had made us cross our boundaries and share passion we’d never known. We spoke for hours, touching and caressing at every opportunity…