My Wedding Night Experience: Virgin Touched For The Very First Time…

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

I licked my dry lips as his tongue worked in circles, making me writhe and clutch the bed sheets. His punishing tongue made me senseless as he pushed in deeper, making me go crazy.

‘You taste so good,’ I heard him muttering.

‘I want to see you when you come,’ he said as he removed my blindfold in a flash. His tongue was inside me again, pushing deeper and swallowing everything.  I could not take it anymore as the blood roared in my ears, driving me to a crazy edge.

I had never done this before and my body could not take the pleasure anymore.

A sensation came tearing through me as I hung on for dear life. Panting, I came out for what felt like forever but his tongue sucked everything out.

He watched me fall apart as I gasped for air. Slowly, he came towards me, kissing me roughly as I tasted myself in his mouth.

Wanting to please him, I pushed him on the top of the bed as his eyes widened. I guess he didn’t think that I could be very bold too.

Laughing, I kissed him on his shoulders as I went down, trailing kisses on his bare chest. I worked on his belt and pushed his pants down.

‘You don’t have to…ahh’ he panted, unable to complete his sentence as my hands pulled out his underwear, with my fingers firm around it. I was unsure how I was going to do it, but I really wanted him to remember this night forever too.