My Wedding Night Experience: Virgin Touched For The Very First Time…

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

Grabbing my hair, he pulled me towards him as his tongue worked its magic again. His hand roamed over my breast as he cupped it. I inhaled sharply as a deep ache spread between my legs.

His other hand worked on the loop of my petticoat and I stood there, waiting for him to explore me. With minimal clothing, he did not unhook my bra but instead pulled it down, caging my already heavy breasts.

He pushed me towards the bed as I lay down, waiting for him to take me.

‘I want to do something, but first I want to know if you’re okay with it. I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,’ he whispered.

I waited as he pulled out a piece of cloth, made of satin, from his pocket. Confused, I blinked at him but as he started blindfolding me, I understood.

He was going to touch me and I wouldn’t be able to see him. It seemed unfair that I could not but it was extremely thrilling at the same time.

I nodded my approval and his lips were on my breasts that were spilling out of my bra. I moaned out loud as his tongue moved in soft, slow circles on my nipple that was taut already.

His hands worked on my breasts, plumping them and making them soft, tender and unbearably sensitive. I clutched his hair as I cried out, unable to contain my pleasure.

His lips trailed down my shivering body, trailing soft kisses and licking every inch. His fingers touched my core as I groaned loudly. I  wanted the barrier between his fingers and me removed and prayed that he would remove my panties too.

I was really wet as he tore my panties, pushing his finger carefully inside me. I could not see what he was doing but this was painful and pleasurable at the same time.

‘I want to please you my love. I want you to remember this night forever. I want to show how much I love you,’ he whispered.

Before I could respond, he removed his finger, making me gasp and beg for more. He parted my legs just a bit and his tongue sucked all my wetness, making me cry out anew.

‘Please…’ I begged. ‘This is…oh…so…good.’