My Wedding Night Experience: Virgin Touched For The Very First Time…

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

‘Do you know how beautiful you are? How did I get so lucky and get married to you? This is a mystery I’ll always wonder about,’ he said, in his deep husky voice. I remembered the time when just his voice would do things to me and it never failed to amaze me.

‘I’m the one who’s lucky here. I’m sure you’ve broken a lot of hearts today. I can’t believe we’re finally together,’ I said coyly.

His thumb caressed my cheek as were talking and I held my breath as he came closer to me. ‘Is that so Mrs.? I’m not sure about broken hearts but my heart will break if I don’t touch you now.’

Slowly, his lips brushed mine. For a few seconds, we both stared at each other as the tension surrounded us, making me gasp for breath.

Without wasting another second, his lips crashed on mine. It felt like a dam had burst, releasing all the pent up energy that was held in. We had saved this for our marriage and our patience was fruitful now.

His tongue ravished every corner of my mouth, as his kiss deepened. His hands worked to remove my dress as mine worked to remove his tuxedo. Suddenly, we were both frantic, trying to fulfil out urgent need.

I had a lot of layers of clothing and he set to work, admiring them and removing it all one by one. Pulling me to stand up, he unzipped my strapless layered dress making it pool near my feet.

He stared at me as I stood almost bare in front of him, with only my bra and satin petticoat. He was lusting for me and quickly took off his jacket and shirt as he moved in closer to me.