My Wedding Night Experience: Virgin Touched For The Very First Time…

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My wedding night experience confession – Our first night experience happened eight years ago, but I could remember it like it happened just yesterday. The passion and the fire I had felt when it happened was something I can’t describe in words.

We’d just gotten married and I felt incredibly nervous as it was our first night together. We spent a lot of time together but we never crossed the line as we believed in our religion.

Before the wedding night I was restless, I heard a lot wedding night stories and what to expect on your wedding night, so I was wondering how my wedding night experience, our first night experience, would be when he would touch me for the very first time.

As a wedding gift, our parents had booked an expensive hotel and I wanted to remember this first night experience, our wedding night experience forever, cherish it and lock it somewhere safe in my heart.

Like other romantic wedding night stories, we were escorted to the hotel room by the staff and he had carried me to the room just like I imagined he would.
The room smelled divine as red rose petals were sprinkled everywhere. A huge bottle of champagne awaited us in a bucket of ice.

It was extremely romantic as the fragrant roses ignited my senses. The silk curtains were magnificent and we could see the view of the entire city laid out in front of us.

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We were on the 30th floor of a magnanimous hotel and I felt on top of the world.  He entered the bathroom to freshen up and I waited for him as I enjoyed the view in the balcony.

I felt a hand on my waist as he kissed my neck, standing behind me. It was electrifying as I never experienced anything like it before…

I felt like a little girl who had all her dreams about her wedding night experience come true. Finally, at 22, I had my first night experience with the man I loved the most.

‘Enjoying the view my love?’ he questioned, smiling.

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ I responded, twirling a lock of my hair.

‘It is, just like you. You look gorgeous in this dress. I’m so glad we finally married. I have been waiting forever to touch you, my darling.’

‘Thank you. I’ve been waiting for this romantic wedding night from a long time too. You excite me and I’ve never wanted anyone else in my life.’

Sighing, he pulled me close to him, nuzzling my neck. I had imagined this night a hundred times before, but in reality, his proximity, his touch and his smile filled my senses much more than I ever thought possible. It had a deep impact on me as I moaned to his touch.

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I sensed him inhale sharply as he cupped my cheeks, pulling me closer to his lips. His lips lightly brushed mine and I felt a current pass through me…