Unhappy Marriage

10 Reasons Why You’re in an Unhappy Marriage

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

#8: Your Responsibilities and Principles

After getting married, each and every lady has some responsibilities. But, do you really take all of your responsibilities and obligations in a way you should? Do you truly believe that pampering kids and earning some cash for the house and family are the only tasks that are part of your responsibilities?

In most unhappy marriages, women depend way too much on their responsibilities and obligations in order to figure out if they are doing all of their jobs as wives. Yes, you are well aware of all of your responsibilities in the wedlock, but as far as you believe you are doing just about everything that your husband expects from you, you’ll surely assume that you have done nothing faulty or wide of the mark, and never will.

However, the reality is that in a marriage, the term “responsibility” has no more meaning than a gauge of reference. If your husband wants to talk to you or points out a flaw, then you must think further than your general responsibilities.