Unhappy Marriage

10 Reasons Why You’re in an Unhappy Marriage

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#4: You Have Too Many Needs

Apparently, it is the absolute contradiction of the previous reasons of unhappy marriages. However, it is also a fair point. At times, you and your husband are totally dissimilar when it comes to your needs.

Plus, you might have those needs that simply can’t be satisfied by your husband. What should you do? Should you compromise with your husband, so that your marriage could be saved or should you just walk away? Well, there is an extremely thin line between reality and expectations.

Talk to your husband and get in touch with your friends. In case, your demanded needs look justified and sensible, then you have an obvious right for them; however, on the other hand, if your demands seem sky high and unreasonable, then you will have to decide whether your marriage and husband or your needs are more valuable to you.