Unhappy Marriage

10 Reasons Why You’re in an Unhappy Marriage

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#2: The Zero-Complaints Relationship

There’re quite a few marriages in which both partners do not have any kind of complaints at all regarding each other since they are well aware of each other completely as well as their personal viewpoints and perfectly get along.

If you are one of those couples who experience this sort of grand status of thought transference in your wedlock, then that is utterly awesome!

However, if you are in a long term relationship or marriage and do witness some faults in your hubby, and yet prefer not to discuss it with him only because it is not worth your whole effort, then this could be one of the causes of being in an unhappy marriage.

The moment you start believing that it is totally impossible to change your husband or the flaws you see in him, you enter into the zone of zero-complaints marriage.

Over time, all these trivial annoyances can lead to enormous aggravations in your marital life. In order to elude such complications you must be expressive with your husband and tell him whatever you feel about him, so that your relationship can be mended.