Understanding Men

Understanding Men: What Men Want in a Woman

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Understanding men is tough if you don’t put in your efforts to do so. Ask me because I have spent a lot of time researching this subject.

Men, like women, are peculiar creatures and understanding men can be quite daunting sometimes. This is also the reason as to why so many relationships fail. Men are quite vocal about some things, like sports and politics, but when it comes to other things, like love and feelings, they are oddly quiet.

Therefore, when their relationships take a turn for the worst, many women find understanding men to be particularly tough. “What’s he actually thinking?” is quite a common frustrated outburst.

The silence can really test a woman’s patience, specifically when they know that the interpretation of these silences is important for the success of the relationship.

Understanding men might not be as hard as some women may suppose. I had too many failed relationships to count and I felt that I had to understand my man if I ever wanted to be involved in a stable, successful relationship.

Men want their women to not only satisfy them physically but to also provide emotional comfort and love. Since men are known to be impatient, they want their women to be patient with them and understand them.

However, most of all, they want to be acknowledged and appreciated and they want this praise to come from someone they know is smart enough to see their efforts for they truly are.

In my experience, I realized that men certainly want a few things from women, just like we expect a few things from them.

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