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The Secret to Being Truly Happy

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#5: Appreciation – Share Your Happiness

We are often so quick to judge people, but do we take the time to truly appreciate what we have? We see so many people suffering and millions of people are unfortunate, because they can’t afford basic necessities in life. While some people suffer due to unexpected, tragic incidents, many others struggle with their health.

Yet, there are many of us who are perfectly healthy, with a roof on our head, food on the plate, but we often underestimate our gifts.

Once we begin to appreciate the gifts we have, we will be happy automatically.

We usually see many people volunteering for a charity service or donate money to support groups that truly need help.

So why do these people try to help others? It’s because they appreciate what they have and understand how others feel when they have nothing.

Happiness can’t be contained and we should all participate in spreading it. Share your happiness with others and no matter how small your contribution is, you will be happy when you make smile.