Tinder Dating Tips

Juicy Tinder Dating Tips to Get Lucky Tonight!

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#5: Move Off Of Tinder

One of the greatest Tinder dating tips you can ever receive is that you actually win Tinder by not using Tinder.

It sounds like an oxymoron but what this means is to take the conversation off of the app as soon as it seems realistic to do so. Many ladies turn off their Tinder notifications, which means that they aren’t receiving your messages unless they’re physically on the app.

If not, your messages are being sent way down in the inbox list of other men awaiting a response, which you never want.  By moving the conversation off the app, you’ll also be able to talk regularly without the conversation ending anytime one of you closes Tinder.

Doing this secret move also takes you off the list of “random profiles I matched” to something a little more intimate.

So when the conversation is going exceptionally well and she’s laughing at your jokes or giving you a big compliment, send over your number and ask if she wants to move things to texting. As a bonus, it’s much easier for the both of you.

Now that you guys have moved into real life and off of the Tinder app, it’s time to make your move.

It is important to get the first meet out there as quickly as possible because at the end of the day, you just haven’t met and you can be forgotten the next time she logs onto Tinder.

Don’t be too pushy and instant but certainly don’t sit on inviting her out for too long. It’s one of the most important Tinder dating tips you will ever get.