Tinder Conversation Starters that Work

Does Tinder Work? Tinder Conversation Starters that Work!

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#3: Tinder Hookup

As mentioned earlier, you have to learn how to flirt with girls if you really want to learn how to pick up girls on Tinder. Even if she is DTF and you’ve got her to meet you at a local club, there’s still a chance that she won’t go home with you.

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However, there is a basic formula that you can use that can almost promise a hook up every time.  It’s the ultimate key to learning how to pick up girls on Tinder. It starts back with the very first message you send to your match. You need to get her attention, and her number. Always start with a compliment that she is attractive or cute, and nothing cheesy.

The next step is to ask her for a favor once she replies back to you. Ask her to recommend some good local clubs to go to. This also sets you up with the perfect time to ask her to meet up with you and to get her number. The truth is that giving her your number is easier and enhances your chances of her actually texting you. So, always give out your number first.

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Then, pick a time to meet up as soon as you’re both free because the longer you wait, the less likely she is to hook up with you… And the more likely other dudes on Tinder are bombarding her. You also want to make sure that you always meet up at night. It sets the tone for a good time.

Tinder conversation starters are really that easy guys. Learning how to pick up girls on Tinder becomes even easier the more you do it, so start swiping and landing that late night “date”.