Tinder Conversation Starters that Work

Does Tinder Work? Tinder Conversation Starters that Work!

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#2: Tinder Conversation Starters

Once you have the first step down of finding out what attracts women and choosing the best photos that coincide with that, you’ll get the right swipe. In other words, your profile doesn’t matter and it’s all about your technique afterwards. You need to determine if your recent match is someone you want to have some fun with, or if you’d like to take her out on an actual date.

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Once you know if you need to learn how to get a girl number or if you just need to entice her for some Netflix and Chill, it’s time to see what she is looking for. Regardless of who you match, always send out a message that day to ensure that you don’t get hidden in her inbox.

You also only want to spend a couple of messages getting a feel for one another before giving her your number. If she is interested, she will text you. Now this is the time that actually matters as you need to figure out what she wants. Generally, if a girl is just looking for a hookup, she won’t care too much about whether or not you guys go out on an actual date.

In other words, she will be more than excited to have you come over to her place or vice versa. Boom. You’re in. This is also true if your “date” consists of a bar or club. However, if she openly states that she is not looking for a booty call (and she probably will make this quite obvious) or wants to be taken out for a dinner and movie, she’s looking for more. And if you are too, then it’s a win-win.