Tinder Conversation Starters that Work

Does Tinder Work? Tinder Conversation Starters that Work!

In Dating Advice for Men by Interconnected Lives

#1: Tinder Tips

Attractive girls have tons of guys messaging them on a regular basis. So, if your profile picture isn’t right, you should just forget about learning how to pick up girls on Tinder.

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However, we don’t recommend that. Instead, just make some simple changes to make sure that you don’t get lost amongst the hundreds of messages that your recent “right swipe” gets on the daily.

Since this is basically the most superficial dating app out there, your picture is the only thing that matters at first. Think of your profile pictures as being your first impression, because that’s essentially what they are to all those ladies out there. You literally have mere seconds before getting that left or right swipe.

Since you definitely want the latter, make sure that your main profile picture is a good one of your face; not of you flexing your muscles in a mirror selfie. It should show an awesome example of what you look like and if you are unsure, ask some of your female friends to pick some out for you. Smiling doesn’t really matter. You just have to look good.

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The rest of your pictures should tell the girls a little something-something about you. It might be that you like to work out (sans a workout selfie) or that you’re an outdoors kind of guy. Better yet, learn how to be attractive to women and snap some shots accordingly.