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Delicious The Notebook Quotes to Melt Your Heart

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When we talk about The Notebook quotes, what we’re really talking about are sayings that pluck the heartstrings of emotion and make us cry so good…

Or laugh at the camp and sheer saccharine sap.

Ok, so opinions on Nicholas Sparks’ most popular, well-read and, yes, quotable novel differ quite a bit.  For some, it’s a work of absolutely-heartfelt beauty.

For others, it’s the equivalent of a one-hit wonder pop band, lacking in substance and making it on sheer popularity by pandering without providing anything else with which to prop up the many clichés which make up many of The Notebook quotes listed here.  But then again, clichés are cliché, in part, BECAUSE they’re so popular, and we seem to be OK with real authors toying with tropes and stereotypes.

One of the most famous literary comments on the nature of literature and art itself comes from no less than Shakespeare himself, and Hamlet’s immortal plea to the Players to to hold as ’twere, the mirror up to nature.

In the end, whether you like them or not, the popularity of these The Notebook quotes, if not necessarily the quotes themselves, do just that—hold a mirror up to our own artistic nature in this day and age.

It’s possible that Sparks has, for all the jokes at his expense, captured something lasting in the human condition.  It’s just as possible that he’ll be as ephemeral as Hamlet himself fears life to be.

So, whether it’s ultimately to be or not to be for Nicholas Sparks, he has this moment in the sun—perhaps too much i’ the sun for detractors—as we take a look at the artistic influences that go into seven The Notebook quotes that have made so many cry so good