Thanksgiving Etiquette

Thanksgiving Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts: The In-Laws Survival Guide

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 #6: Thanksgiving Etiquette Don’ts: Gloat over Your Diet

It’s Thanksgiving.

No one wants to think of dieting…no one wants to feel badly for splurging…Thanksgiving Etiquette 1 thanksgiving etiquette Thanksgiving Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts: The In-Laws Survival Guide Thanksgiving Etiquette 1

And trust us—nobody wants to hear about your new diet.

It’s fine to have one and to observe one.

There’s an argument to be made for leaving your diet by the wayside just for the day, as that can show that you care more for your partner, family, and cooking than a diet—thereby showing you to be both caring as well as flexible, always good qualities—but every case is different, and it’s entirely possible that you might have a medical condition which won’t allow you to deviate from your diet.

Again, this is fine.  Just don’t beat everyone else over the head with that fact.

You risk making others feel badly for eating, you risk making yourself an unwelcome …in short, you risk yourself coming across as a pesky pest and ungracious guest—and maybe one who won’t have in-laws for the next Thanksgiving…or a partner.  (But, hey, at least you’ll still have that gluten-free diet, right?)