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Interconnected Lives Terms & Conditions

At the Interconnected Lives, we take our policies very strictly and hope that the users abide by it. Users who will be visiting our site have been suggested to take the legal bounds and rules into thorough consideration as the effects will be implemented right away after the site is visited.

Users who do not agree with the rules in our terms & conditions should refrain from using the site and the services provided by it.

Interconnected Lives has all the right to edit, alter or change the terms &conditions whenever we see fit. However, the changes will only be implemented after informing all the users online.

Checking the terms & conditions in detail daily has been recommended to everyone who wishes to remain updated regarding new changes and policies. Upon being amended and/or updated, users of the company’s site are legally bound by all the rules that have been then implemented in accordance with the law.

The material that is being featured on Interconnected Lives is our legal property, unless we declare otherwise. United States and International Copyright & Trademark laws are present in order to protect all of the content available on it.

Downloading, posting publically, copying, plagiarizing and using the content in any way when there is no sharing option provided is illegal and hence, prohibited. Company’s content is only available for user’s personal use.

Please note that our site is meant to help people all over the world. We post a lot of interesting content and if you find something worthwhile and want to share it with your friends and family, or on your website, you can do so, but make sure that you do not edit or copy the content.

Users need to agree on other aspects such as not to alter the content according to however they see they fit unless it is for simple, non-commercial usage. The terms & conditions policy states that users should agree on using the company site for legal and lawful reasons that does not interfere with other users’ usage of the site and/or restricts them from using it in any way possible.

The terms & conditions also include several types of prohibited behavior, which will be taken into notice by company’s management. These include causing trouble for other users, indulging in harassing behavior, displaying offensive or obscene content and causing issues with the company’s management online.

Please note that international users must also comply with all the local online laws, rules as well as regulations regarding content that is not to be shared or causing any issue in scenarios such as exploiting the privacy of other users by attempting to get a hold of passwords, private and confidential information.

Other violations in the terms & conditions agreement involve not creating spam accounts and by no means duplicating URLs that tend to violate copyright laws as well as the laws within that jurisdiction.

Sharing content that eventually links to affiliate programs, online marketing schemes, blog marketing, forums and anything that strays away from the material being exchanged at the company’s site will be banned. Without acquiring the written permission of the company, only the RSS feed is acceptable and by no means can users try to use any particular kind of scraper, spider or robot.

Other significant clauses in the terms & conditions policy include:

  • The agreement of the users on not taking any particular kind of action or imposing on the infrastructure of the company
  • Causing interference with the day-to-day activities being conducted on the company site
  • Ignoring measures taken by the site that put a restriction on the access only to interfere or alter the content published on the site such as comments, blog posts and count, or any other relevant content on the website. The terms & conditions policy also strictly prohibits the creation of new accounts with the sole attention of changing the services of the sites and to provide money or services for the purpose of acquiring votes or taking part in schemes to change the results of the services provided by the site. The terms & conditions restrict users from the advertisement of buying and selling products on the site. The violation of the rules mentioned in the terms & conditions also include using information for the purpose of contacting, advertising as well as selling to other users without their proper consent. Any attempt regarding the impersonation of another user will result in the dismissal of a profile.

The company has all the rights reserved to contact law authorities as well as officials in case users are involved in direct violation of the laws, rules and policies that have been stated in the terms & conditions.

The site also holds the right to share any important information such as the messages, contributions and a lot more with the laws officials which may help them in the process of identifying the users who have been alleged of violating the copyright laws of the website.

As far as the contents available on the company’s site are concerned, the terms & conditions policy states that the information, content, images, logos, icons as well as all the products and services are provided on first-come basis and will be given to the users without any reservations or any warranty made in the process by the permission of law, which includes the warranties on the quality of the product, fitness for many reasons, no-infringement, as well as effectiveness and security.


Upon posting any kind of advertisement on the company site, the third party involved in compliance with the company can spot and put significant cookies on the browsers of the users who will be indulging in any such activities whatsoever.

The terms & conditions policy invites users to contribute appropriate content on Interconnected Lives and by doing so, the company is granted the access as well as the rights to adapt, publish, produce, translate and modify or do as is required by the company itself.

The distribution or the decision to make the content that has been shared or contributed by the user willingly can be used by the company as they see fit. The contribution must involve certain traits:

  • The copy of the contributed content is original and has been modified by the user.
  • The content must not be defamatory in any way.
  • It does not, in any particular way, infringe some particular law or laws.

Users have agreed to indemnify the company against every kind of damage as well as legal fees along with expenses that tend to occur when users breach the above mentioned warranty. Any moral rights are to be waived off entirely on the publication done on behalf of the users by the company as well as in accordance with all the rules that have been mentioned above.

The company’s site is an online platform which publishes the views, opinion, comments an facts stated by third parties and other individuals from certain organizations. The company as well as all of its management does not take the responsibility regarding the authenticity and reliability of any such opinion, advice, views, opinions or/and any such statements displayed or published directly on the website.

Users agree to accept the fact that the management as well as the company itself is not responsible for any such damage caused directly, indirectly, accidentally and consequentially caused by the users’ decision to act upon the views, advices, opinions and facts or any other such information relevant to this topic, which has been stated on the website. Failure to comply with this warning can result in trouble and issues which will not be, in any way, the responsibility of the site or anyone from the management of the company.

Interconnected Lives includes and frequently publishes the links to other important websites on the internet, which may or may not be controlled by third parties. The only reason for publishing these links for other websites it to provide a high level of convenience to the users of the site and are not related to  the company endorsing the content and/or the products and services being provided by the site controlled by third parties.

Such links are no proof that the company is involved in acts such as sponsoring, creating an affiliation or endorsing the other website in any way possible. Questions along with concerns regarding external links on the site should be discussed immediately with the system operator and/or the concerned site admin.

The company holds the rights of removing external links that display inappropriate content or the kind of content that in some ways interferes with the content of the company’s site. The company makes no promises and do not represent the content of third party websites or their functionality and their actions, and it also does not claim any expressed or purposely implied warranties with their services and/or products.
The company holds high regard for the intellectual property of others and requires the users to show the same courtesy towards it. If any user has any problems regarding other users, then it should be brought to the attention of Interconnected Lives as soon as possible.

If a user feels that his/her work has been copied, then they must give the company sufficient information such as, (i) an appropriate physical signature of the individual who has been given the permission to act on the behalf of the owner who is facing the copyright issue, (ii) a proof, written description preferably, of the copyright work that has violated the infringement laws, (iii) proper description of the material/work and its location on the website, (iv) the user’s email address, telephone number along with personal address, (v) proper proof that the copyright work which has been infringed was never done so with the permission of the owner of the copyright as well as the law or any legal agent for that matter, (vi) a descriptive statement regarding the information that must be done under the penalty of perjury admitting that the information disclosed is the truth  and that the person assigned to act on the behalf of the copyright owner has all the authority provided to them.

Claims of copyright infringement and any issues related to this matter are to be sent to the email stated below. All of these rules mentioned above are in accordance with the copyright infringement laws of the United States of America and the International Copyright Laws for the convenience of all users.

The Privacy Policy along with the Terms of Use and Conditions are updated and in accordance with the laws implemented by the State of New York, United States of America. Disputes or legal claims are to be represented in the court of law, in the concerned jurisdiction within the judicial district of the State of New York, USA.

In the case of any Term of Use and Policy being unlawful or made illegal, null for any possible reason in the future, then it shall become severable, but it may or may not affect the enforceability or the status of other rules as well as terms that have been mentioned in the Terms of Use policy.

Users can always be subjected to other terms of use and/or conditions for other affiliate services and content that is being provided by third parties, especially the content which will be available on the company’s site for users to see.

Interconnected Lives and its management beseeches the users to review the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use on the website in order to get full information regarding the site security and also to get to know all that has been stated related to the protection of user information on the company’s website.

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