Sure Signs That a Guy Likes You

Does He Like Me or Not? Sure Signs That a Guy Likes You

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#2: If A Guy Likes You

No one likes excuses, but when trying to pick up on all the signs a guy likes you, look for the good kind of excuses. Of course, any excuse where he bails or doesn’t answer your phone calls or text messages for days on end is never a good sign.

It also shows that he’s kind of a jerk and you deserve better. On the contrary, when a guy likes a girl, he will make any excuse to talk to her. This could be as simple as liking your latest Instagram posts, or commenting on your Facebook statuses every time you post something new.

It could also be him always asking you questions or trying to spark up some sort of conversation. Whatever it is, these are surefire signs that a guy likes you. There is no man out there that would put so much effort in trying keep in touch with someone that they aren’t interested in. It’s like many relationship experts say, if he likes you, he will contact you. Additionally, many guys will make any excuse to touch you.

It could be as simple as placing his hand on the small of your back as you walk through a door together, or playfully wrapping his arms around your shoulders as he pulls you into him closer. If a guy is being touchy-feely, he is definitely seeing you as more than just a friend. Physical contact that is more intimate than the standard hug shows that he is thinking of you outside of the friend zone.