Sure Signs That a Guy Likes You

Does He Like Me or Not? Sure Signs That a Guy Likes You

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#1: When A Guy Likes You

One of the first signs that a guy likes you is if he makes an effort to find out if you’re single. While it’s no secret that a girl having a boyfriend doesn’t typically deter them, and can even make them try harder to get your attention, they still seek to find out where you stand.

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If the guy you’ve been eyeing has inquired as to whether or not you have a boyfriend, then he is certainly thinking about where things could go. He is weighing up his chances. Now that he knows you’re single, it’s a perfect time for him to take the bait.

He may ask about your past relationships, why you’re single or better yet, what you look for in a guy. This is the prime opportunity for you to let him know that you are also interested. As a rule of thumb, never bash an ex, never tell some awful sob story about your latest break up, and always be confident in who you are as a single lady.

No one is attracted to a bitter, desperate ex of someone else. If all is good, the guy may even strike up the courage to ask you out on a date right then and there. You’re in the clear if this happens. He definitely likes you, and is interested in spending more time with you.

However, even if he just asked if you’re single and hasn’t pursued it further just yet, it’s a good sign.