Speed Dating Tips

5 Fast Speed Dating Tips to Date With Style

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#5: Quick speed dating tips

So how can you get the most out of the speed dating experience?  You’re going to want to refer back to these rapid points of interest:

  • Favorite books, movies, types of music—and if you have something in common, build on that from there with a follow-up question, and then let him/her return the favor and ask you what your favorites are.
  • Ask what they’re passionate about
  • Ask where they’d like to live/what they’d like to do someday
  • Ask what they’re interested in (politics, science, religion, culture, etc.)
  • Have a ‘go to’ point of interest, ie, something here that you can use to help set you apart from the other speed dates your partner is sure to meet that night

Take the time to make that person on the other end really feel important.

Any speed dating tips to share with us? are you speed dating like a pro?