Speed Dating Tips

5 Fast Speed Dating Tips to Date With Style

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#1: Balance

Speed dating is a balance of those two ideas, speed and dating.  Sound simple?  It’s not.

Balancing the speed involved with the connection that’s necessary that’s important for something as communication-based as dating can be a difficult task.  Want to follow the path of Freddie Mercury and fast-paced, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ approach to speed dating?Speed Dating Tips 2 speed dating tips 5 Fast Speed Dating Tips to Date With Style Speed Dating Tips 2jpg

It might work, if you’re happy being ‘Mr. Fahrenheit’—just don’t be surprised if, while you’re ‘dating at the speed of light,’ you ‘burn’ right through your dates’ collective patience and wind up going home empty-handed.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go so slow and dwell so much on yourself or on one partner as to make things into a ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’—that’s a good way to wind up ‘a poor boy’ without a date by the end of the night for sure.

No matter what, you’re definitely ‘Under Pressure,’ and the key is, again, balance.  Don’t watch the clock, but be aware of it.

Try to find a shared point of connection with the people you date, but don’t dwell.  Find that balance while meeting people, and you will be sure to become a speed dating ‘Champion.’