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16 Dates in One Night? – Speed Dating Advice

In Friends with Benefits by Interconnected Lives

Being a twenty-something in today’s world typically means one thing: you’re looking for a good time, your career is just starting and a family is certainly not in the cards. You simply want to have fun.

And you’ve definitely had a ‘friend with benefits’ or two. Still, you are always on the lookout for something new and exciting to try when it comes to your love life. You may even fantasize a bit…

Your boss that wears that striped power suit everyday and comes off as a charming asshole…Yeah, we know you fantasize about him…

And that foreign girl at the bodega who barely speaks any English, but has an accent you can’t stop thinking about…

When you are young, dating is about trying new things. Dating is about finding out what you enjoy and whom you enjoy. One great and often humorous way of doing just that is trying out a speed dating event. Speed dating sometimes gets a bad rap, but the process of going on a bunch of five minutes dates can be exhilarating.

The key is to go into a speed dating event with an open and humorous mindset. Dating in your twenties is not meant to be a serious endeavor and speed dating is certainly not. The key speed dating advice is to have fun and joke around about doing so. You could even bring a friend to share in the laughter and good times.

Not convinced speed dating could be a great time?

Read below for our speed dating advice and reasons why everyone in there twenties should try it at least once