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How I Battled Social Isolation

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#4: Pets Could Minimize Social Isolation

We all know that it’s easier to interact with animals when compared to humans. Caring about a pet can make you feel less lonely and more importantly, it gives you a sense of purpose. Generally, social isolation and loneliness creeps up when you feel like you don’t have a purpose to live. I know that it’s a horrible feeling, so if you find that you’re experiencing similar feelings, it is best to get a isolation 2 social isolation How I Battled Social Isolation social isolation 2

You could either get a dog or a cat depending on whether you’re a cat or a dog person, but in my experience, it’s best to get a dog because dogs tend to make you feel loved, warm and fuzzy with no effort!

Of course, cats are great too, but since they try to remain aloof sometimes, you can get a dog.

If you’re unable to take care of a puppy because, really, they need a lot of effort, you can always visit your local animal shelter and choose a new pet for yourself.

When my daughter suggested that I adopt a pet, I was quick to decline, but once she persuaded me, I went along with her to adopt a German shepherd.

During the years, my dog helped me heal and recuperate slowly. Long walks to the park were something we both looked forward to every day. Before I adopted her, I had no idea that Pet Therapy could help me so much, but after I did, I have never been happier.

My dog not only helped me reduce my loneliness, but caring for her gave me something to do. Usually, I would sit alone and waste my days, but once she came into my life, I have definitely improved. Every day, there’s something new to do and it never ends.

I would recommend that you adopt a dog because Pet Therapy is considered medicinal and will lower your blood pressure among other things. More than anything, it’s a lot of fun and you won’t even notice how your social isolation reduced significantly.