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How I Battled Social Isolation

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#3: New Hobbies Could Reduce Social Isolation

If you want to minimize loneliness, the best way to do it is to meet new people. I have already mentioned support groups, but if you aren’t comfortable with that, you can take up hobbies to pass your time. You can also attempt to take classes and teach kids in your area if you’re very good at it.

This not only helps you feel less lonely, but it will also give you a chance to meet children and develop connections with them.

Children usually tend to talk a lot and give you company, so if you aren’t interested in meeting new people yet, you can start off by interacting with children in your neighborhood.

That’s exactly what I did too. I didn’t really take up classes but since I had a lot of kids playing in the park near my house every day, I would talk to them on a daily basis. To be honest, it made me feel less lonely and though I didn’t want to talk to anyone else at that point, I knew that I was a step closer to reduce social isolation.