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How I Battled Social Isolation

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#2: Types of Social Isolation

Some people tend to be physically isolated form others. In my case, it is safe to say that I was physically isolated from isolation 3 social isolation How I Battled Social Isolation social isolation 3

I think it also stemmed from the idea that I was unloved and uncared for and the repercussions were bad.

Likewise, if you or your partner or your loved one is struggling with social isolation, you need to find out if it’s physical isolation.

Do they accept your invite when you invite them over? Do they make an effort to come and talk to you?

While trying to find ways to reduce social isolation, you must also consider the age of the patient because they could play a huge role.

For instance, if the individual is very old and is not in a position to visit other people’s homes, then it might be better if you visit them instead.

In addition, there are several support groups that could help reduce loneliness. The only problem is that a person suffering from social isolation wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about meeting other people, but you can definitely make an effort to make them understand the importance of making new friends.