Social Anxiety

How I Overcame Social Anxiety Disorder

In Friendship by Interconnected Lives

I remember everything that happened, as though it was just yesterday. After being married for seven years to Mark, I had begun showing symptoms of social anxiety. I would feel awkward about petty issues and had a hard time even accepting the fact that I had SAD – Social Anxiety Disorder.

I panicked and refused to face my life. Once my thoughts were invaded with a slew of questions like,’What if my husband begins to hate me? What if I lose my job? What if I lose everything?’ and many more, I knew I was beginning to lose the battle.

I berated myself and things began to get worse. My husband decided to take me to a clinical psychologist but I was hesitant. However, after he insisted, I realized I had nothing to lose and met the doctor.

He welcomed me with a cheerful smile and although I was wary, I smiled back. My husband squeezed my hand, reassuring me that everything would be alright. I met the doctor for an hour every week and what I learnt was priceless.

If you develop or have social anxiety disorder, we hope these tips will help you cope better