Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Is He Done With Me? Unmistakable Signs Your Relationship is Over

In Relationship Advice for Women by Interconnected Lives

Regardless of how happy you are in your relationship or how successful it seems to be going, there is always going to be the risk that it’ll end; but there are some signs your relationship is over that can easily be spotted if you are unsure or suspicious of his latest activity.

Unfortunately, not all relationships have that fairytale ending and the surprising thing is that when a relationship does end, many people are shocked as to why.

However the truth is that there are always plenty of red flags and warning signs that the relationship just isn’t going well at all that can be seen well before the breakup actually happens.

In order to be sure that your worry isn’t just your insecurities getting the best of you, take a look at the following signs to determine if there is actually something you’re missing within your relationship.

More importantly, you can always make some changes to hopefully improve your partner’s happiness but while doing so, make sure that you aren’t sacrificing your own happiness and identity either.

Here are the top sure signs he’s breaking up with you