Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

6 Unmistakable Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You

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#3: Several E-Mail Accounts

Why does someone need three or more email accounts? Even businessmen keep accounts segregated for office purposes. Perhaps, three email ids are okay, but if you notice that your husband has quite a few email ids, then it could be something fishy.

People make multiple email accounts when they intend to log on to several dating sites. Some people also use them to communicate with people anonymously.

Years ago, I noticed that my husband (now ex-husband) had several email ids. Most of them seemed strange and I found it very peculiar that he had also created a folder for it.

Once I confronted him, he came up with a variety of excuses, but none of them were convincing enough to make me believe that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

If your ex-husband has several email ids and doesn’t offer any explanation, there could be something seriously wrong.

One has a hard time managing 2-3 email accounts, so it can be nearly impossible to manage more than 10! Moreover, if you feel that your husband is chatting up with other women using his email ids, remember that you need to take a stand and clear the air with him immediately.

You can check if he has and uses multiple email accounts constantly by getting your hands onto his computer.

However, if you see that he hasn’t used the emails for a while, then you can forget about it because many people tend to create email accounts and forget about it. But, multiple accounts that are well maintained tell a different story.