Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

6 Unmistakable Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You

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#2: Nothing In Inbox

There are many ways to check for the signs your husband is cheating you, but the most important clue could be derived from his text history.

This sounds like a detective novel, what with the ‘clues’ and everything else mentioned, but you might have to really think like Sherlock Holmes when you’re suspicious about your husband. Remember that I am not talking about jealousy here, but you should check for these signs only when you’re very sure that he’s cheating on you.

If you go through your husband’s chat history and find a few messages there from other women that seem innocent and harmless, it is a good sign, but hell, an empty inbox is far more concerning.

Odds are that your husband continuously deletes his messages and chat history because he does not want you or anyone to see what and with whom he has been talking to. He may even have a cleared call log history that indicates his concern about others knowing stuff about him.

Now, if your husband does this continuously then either your husband is a spy or he is having an affair. However, leave room for a chance that he might be having a psychological problem of being over protective towards his cellular privacy.