Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

6 Unmistakable Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

#1: Cellular Privacy

If your husband does not pick all the calls in front of you and prefers to go in isolation when the phone rings then you have got every reason to doubt that he might be having an affair. Now, do not lose your cool and stay collected and keep noticing this behavior.

If you complain or inquire about him having an affair the very first time he does this, then you are simply warning him to be more careful in the future (in case he really is having an affair, he will not get caught in the future) and also handing him over free leverage that he can complain that you’re doubting his intentions without reason.

Try and keep track of the time that he receives a suspicious call every day as it can help you in guessing if it is the same person who makes the call every day in spare time.