Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

6 Mouthwatering Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

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#6: She Invites You In

Your date has ended, but your girl isn’t ready to call it a night yet so she invites you up. Awesome!

However, this can be one of the trickiest signs she wants to sleep with you because maybe she truthfully just wants to extend the date and show you her place or maybe, just maybe, she is hoping to take things to the next level.

Pay close attention to how she invites you into her home. If she asks you to come in to see her place or to have a glass of wine, accept the invite but don’t expect sex. Just take things as they come.

However, if she flat out tells you to come up and throws herself at you in the meantime, it’s game time. Either way, she wants to spend more time with you and that’s a bonus that brings you closer to the big win.

Keep in mind that although she is sending you these signs she wants to sleep with you, there are some circumstances that may not allow it to happen right at this split second, so be patient and continue to play your cards right and you’ll slide right into home base.