Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

6 Mouthwatering Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

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#5: She Talks About Sex

There is no better and more obvious signal that she is interested in exploring sexually with you than her talking about sex; and better yet, talking about sex a lot.

Ladies do this to try to feel you out before giving the car a test drive, so to speak. She wants to see what you’re into and if you’re sexually compatible before diving in between the sheets. So pay close attention to what you’re saying as well, and her reactions to your comments as this can let you know whether you need to reel it in a bit or go full force towards the bedroom.

Keep in mind though that some ladies are shier than others and she may be really subtle with her provocative opinions, and you should be as well in this situation to ensure that you keep playing your cards right.

Regardless though, if she is talking about sex with you, sex and you is on her mind, which is an excellent thing.