Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

6 Mouthwatering Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

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# 4 The Kiss Matters

Let’s not kid ourselves here, there is a kiss and then there is a kiss that longs for so much more.

The first couple of kisses can usually be an excellent preview of what kind of sexual chemistry you two hold and desire, so make sure that you have your lip locking skills down pat before going in for that special, tell-all moment.

More importantly though, you never want to overlook the kiss as it can give you plenty of signs she wants to sleep with you.

If the kisses continue as quick pecks, there might be something lacking on her end of desires. However, getting any kind of lip locking in is usually a good sign because if she wasn’t interested in you at all, she wouldn’t be kissing you.

It is as simple as that so you’re doing something right and she is sending you all the signals you’re looking for.