Signs She Wants to Marry You

Is She Ready To Commit? Sure Signs She Wants to Marry You

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#5: Her Married Friends

You probably felt the pressure of marriage heighten when you’re girlfriend’s friends all started to tie the knot.

As if the weddings weren’t enough, seeing her friends get swept off their feet for an eternity could really pull at your lady’s heartstrings and have her thinking about the idea of marriage with you.

However, some signs she wants to marry you is if she seems envious of all of her friends getting marriage.

She may also come home from work to tell you about the proposal she witnessed on the street car, or will talk about how amazing her friend looks with her husband and how creative your best friend’s proposal was to his lady.

If so, her heart is open and she could certainly be ready to say ‘I Do” to you as well.

Women will also compliment you on being husband material or how much they admire your work ethic or the qualities that you bring to the relationship that balances the two of you out as a whole.

So whether it is at your next mushy dinner discussion or after a playful wrestle match, pay close attention because she may be dropping plenty of signs she wants to marry you.