Signs She Wants to Be More than Friends

6 Sure Signs She Wants to Be More than Friends

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#5: She Acts Strange In Company

In case you are friends with a girl and you have plenty of mutual friends to hang out with, then a girl who wants to be more than friends with you will display a rather strange behavior in public.

For instance, if you are hanging out as a group, then she will continuously sneak on to you every time she gets the chance. She is probably looking to spend some time alone with you.

In this process, she could also avoid the company of other men, but not every woman does that. Again, think about the jealousy factor in this equation. Perhaps, you have a big group of friends and this particular friend of yours suddenly starts feeling jealous that you’re spending way too much time with your other friends who are women.

Yes, this sounds oh-so-immature, but you can’t really help it. It’s up to you to prevent all this from happening.

If you’re interested in that particular friend, go ahead and tell her that you want to be more than friends with her! If she acts strange in company, it’s again another sign that she wants you to be more than just a mere friend.