Signs She Wants to Be More than Friends

6 Sure Signs She Wants to Be More than Friends

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You will have to put in a lot of effort to see the signs she wants to be more than friends with you. Women are complex creatures and boy, it can be tough to read them.

In fact, as a woman, I sometimes don’t even know why I do certain things and have no explanations for them. It can be difficult for women to express what they feel at times and it often falls on the poor guy’s shoulders to anticipate his woman’s moves.

Everything I said sounds terrifying isn’t it? You’re probably wondering how you can even gauge a woman’s mood so that there’s no trouble later, right?

First off, you need to be clear that the woman you’re thinking about interested in you. Does she think that you’re special? Has she ever mentioned that she would like to go out with you? Perhaps, she passes a few hints every now and then that a relationship is on the cards?

Well, if you see some of those signs, it definitely means that she might be interested in dating you.

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If you’re in love with your friend and are afraid that she might not accept you as someone who’s more than a friend, you need to read on to watch out for some of these signs she is into you