Signs She Likes You

She Wants You! Delicious Signs She Likes You

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#3: Sex Tension

There is one thing that differentiates ‘just friends’ from ‘more than just friends’ and that is sexual tension.

You may be having a handful of girls as friends that you know from your work place or neighborhood. But, it is not uncommon for you not to get aroused in their presence or get sexually tense when they are around. It is just a natural reaction and that’s the way our bodies are programmed. You might not even be interested to get into a relationship with them.

However, among all the women, if you are aroused constantly because of one particular woman, chances are that you’re attracted to her. Does she notice that she is making you uncomfortable? Well, you might not be aware, but she might be a master at making you go weak in the knees.

A woman who is attracted to you could make you aroused when you least expect it. For example, if she just shaking hands with you, she might hold on to you for a few more seconds than necessary. She might also stare at you with an intensity that shows what she really wants.

Others around you may not be able to see these signs because they are so subtle, but it is up to you to watch out for these signs. Perhaps, she takes great pleasure in brushing herself against you, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Identify whether she tries to make physical contact when you least expect it. The point to remember here is that she is displaying signs she wants to sleep with you. If she dresses up in a way that leaves nothing for imagination, and does it only for you, she definitely likes you.